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Mastering IT separation

Mergers and IT redesign

De-merger projects that split up a company to increase market visibility or operational flexibility need to consider corporate restructuring too. IT redesign has been proven to support corporate restructuring activities. But how to master the complex separation of IT processes and systems needed?...
Information management

Outlook and Opportunities in the Building and Construction Indust

Results from a conference by Arthur D. Little

It has been a challenging year for companies operating in the building and construction industry, but there are plenty of bright spots amid the gloom. That was the message some 250 industry players took away from the half day conference co-hosted by Arthur D. Little and Lincoln International in New...

Demystifying the Credit Crunch

The credit crunch and its implications

The term “credit crunch” has entered the popular lexicon. Barely a day passes when the media is not opining on the topic. Rarely does an economic event have such a profound ripple effect on institutions and individuals throughout the world.

Real Options for the Future Energy Mix

Coming to the right decisions

In the coming years, both the demand for climate-friendly energy generation and the replacement of aging conventional generation facilities will lead to large capital investments and planning efforts in the utility sector. With these massive investments ahead, the competitiveness of nearly all...

Advanced Metering Management

Deploying the new technology for business success

Environmental and economic pressures have seen many utilities reconsidering the use of smart metering technology to end the high operational costs associated with traditional energy usage monitoring and enabling a broader range of service offerings to consumers. In its latest report, Arthur D....

Meeting the automotive CO2 challenge

Global cities as pacemakers of regulation

The CO2 debate is changing the automotive landscape. Changes in buying criteria and their impact on automotive sales could become a real challenge for automotive OEMs in the short term. While discussion tends to focus on national regulatory developments, we believe that the large global cities will...

Capturing Value in the mHealth Oasis

An Opportunity for Mobile Network Operators

With the right approach, mHealth can outperform even the highest of expectations Advances in mobile technology have the potential to transform theway health care is delivered. mHealth, or mobile health, is the appli-cation of mobile technologies in health care systems that enables the...

Building a New Equilibrium

Measuring Externalities to Demonstrate the Value of Investment in Oil & Gas Projects

In fact, resource owners, Oil & Gas managers,  regulators, investors, environmentalists and communities, frequently find themselves in opposing camps as they debate strategies to safeguard the reliable and sustainable supply of this fundamental resource (In previous analyses1 Arthur D....

Major Transformation in CEE TV Markets

Shake Up Likely to Continue

Television markets in the CEE region have experienced rapid growth in recent years. The number of multichannel TV households (households that can receive cable or satellite television, as well as terrestrial channels) grew by almost 50 percent and the share of Pay TV increased to over 40 percent...

The Beginning of the End for Oil?

Peak Oil: A Demand-side Phenomenon?

IntroductionA misplaced consensus?Across the energy industry, there appears to be a strong consensus that the economic crisis of 2008/9 will cause only a short-term slowdown in rising energy consumption and prices; and that after the storm has passed the world will resume its path of increasing...