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Telecom and Media

Telecom and Media

How to ride the OTT wave

The telecom and media space is going through significant changes as the way we consume media evolves. In 2014, the move to content digitalization accelerated and we received confirmation of the emergence of key players in the video and music distribution industry.

These new players include Internet giants such as Google, as well as YouTube, Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

Traditional TV and radio players are facing this rising competition on multiple content segments, mainly on price. Also, with the rise of on-demand programs, there is less value in aggregating a large number of channels. Additionally, this new competition increases the prices of premium content.

Leading traditional audio-visual media groups should be able to adapt, fending off pure OTT competition by launching their own OTT services and leveraging their key assets, such as brand, relationships with content providers, technical skills, and last but not least, intimate and long-established relationships with their customer bases. Telecom operators can also create value, monetizing their network by benefiting from the rise in online video usage in two core ways:

  • Charging customers for faster speeds and/or data traffic.
  • Monetizing their network assets with global OTTs.

In this report, which draws from more than 110 interviews with executives from the telecom, media and Internet sector, we focus on the evolution of audio and video content delivery, and on the relationships between the major players in this ecosystem.

If you would like your own full copy of the 14th edition of the joint annual report by Exane BNP Paribas-Arthur D. Little, please contact Isabelle Tisserant.

Released: May 2015

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