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“Make IT Faster, Better, Cheaper”

“Make IT Faster, Better, Cheaper”

IT Industrialization as a Performance Booster

IT units have always been under pressure, but in recent years the bar has been raised even higher. The business imperative to reduce costs, expedite time to market and increase service quality at the same time are particularly a challenge for IT organizations with heterogeneously grown environments and a resulting variety of operated infrastructure. Against this background Arthur D. Little has developed an IT Industrialization Model that shows how levers such as standardization and automation can help achieve first class IT operations. With cost saving potentials of up to 30%, zero touch operations is the name of the game, referring to fully automated IT operations without any manual - and error-prone - intervention.

Released: October 2012

Download File ADL_IM_2012_IT_Industrialization.pdf (.PDF, 978 Kb)

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