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Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry?

The role of online sales channels is gaining increasing importance for the automotive industry. The OEMs need to integrate this channel in their sales concepts as a full-fledged option meaning that the limitation as an information instrument needs to be overcome: the OEMs need to decide for each product if, and which part, of the sales process should be covered by the online channel.

We have recently completed a comprehensive customer survey analyzing the internet as a sales channel in automotive business. To validate demand and identify critical success factors and requirements for online customers, approx. 1,000 survey results were collected from customers from Germany, China and the USA.

To successfully develop the online sales channel six actions should be considered by the OEMs:

  1. Align product portfolio to online and offline sales channels
  2. Establish a digital sales ecosystem for true multichannel retail
  3. Gain support of the dealer network
  4. Offer a clear benefit
  5. Educate the customer
  6. Reduce commercial risk

Released: August 2012

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