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Future of Television

Future of Television

The End of TV as We Know It?

The future of TV will be defined by the enrichment of linear TV with interactive, on-demand services, a mash-up of professional and user-generated content, an increasing availability of TV on multiple devices and 3-screen access. Successful business models will be based on a hybrid model, i. e. a combination of free services to attract users to the respective platform and paid services. Upselling opportunities will depend both on the reach and ease of use of the platform as well as the quality of the content. While short-form user-generated was enough to grow for first movers in the middle of the 2000s, this content won’t be enough to compete with the increasing online offer of commercial broadcasters. Relevant content – and this might be Hollywood studio productions as well as niche specialties from independent studios – will provide reach and stickiness which are the ultimate enablers for upselling and the placement of advertising.

Those players which provide a carefully balanced content portfolio, ensure a high reach with an easy to use platform, add relevant additional services and focus on a hybrid business model will be at a competitive advantage and dominate the market in the future.

If you are interested in the full report, please contact Dr. Karim Taga.

Released: November 2009

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