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Fit for Customer Interaction

How do automotive manufacturers with multi-level sales structures align their interaction center organizations with increasingly demanding customer an

The customer is moving more and more toward the focus of interaction, leading to more frequent and intensive customer dialogues in different channels.

Automotive Marketing & sales

Agility for Successful Supply Chains

Transformation to an Agile Production System to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Most manufacturing companies are facing volatile and unpredictable demand due to trends such as increased global competition, shorter business cycles and broader product ranges.

Operations management

Arthur D. Little’s “Future of the Internet Study” Broadens t

The internet has rapidly evolved from a static data platform to become a streaming video platform, and is soon expected to see its next wave of growth in machine-to-machine and any-to-any video communications.

Rethinking Cost Efficiency In Power and Gas Retail

The increasingly competitive landscape in power and gas retail is driving utilities to improve efficiency through cost reduction. Most companies have implemented traditional cost-cutting programs.

The Future of Active Safety

The next steps towards autonomous driving

Active safety and driver assistance systems are taking big steps towards greater autonomy, as systems are becoming increasingly “connected” and algorithms to process the data are becoming more and more advanced. Nissan has announced plans to develop a fully autonomous car by 2020, Volvo aspires...

Automotive Risk

Leveraging ICT for a World-Class Education System

Momentous ICT-Enabled Opportunities Lie Ahead for the Education System

It is widely accepted that education is paramount in a knowledge-based society.

Public services Technology & innovation management

Mega-Aviation Cities' Project

In the context of rapid growth in world air traffic and increasing connectivity, the airport industry stands at the cornerstone of its brief history.

China’s Automotive Market

A Bumpy Ride Ahead? – How automotive OEMs can plan for a smoother journey

China has become one of the most important markets in the world for the automotive industry. Multinational companies have identified significant business opportunities but are they fully aware of the challenges and risks associated with the Chinese market?


Transformation by Radical Innovation

Turning Megatrends and Emerging Technologies into Growth Opportunities

Is your company sufficiently innovative? Most CEOs and CTOs would like to say yes, although Arthur D. Little’s recent Global Innovation Excellence study reveals that most companies are focusing on incremental, rather than radical, innovation. The most successful innovators in the study, in terms...

Organization & transformation, Technology & innovation management

Worldclass Purchasing

Central results from the "Purchasing Value Excellence" (PVE) study

The global financial and economic crisis appears to have pulled out of its low point. An economic turnaround is expected in 2010.

Consumer goods & retail Operations management